PROLITE No-Slip Thin Grip

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PROLITE No-Slip Thin Grip

The PROLITE No-Slip Thin Grip offers superior handling with minimal padding so that you'll have optimal control over your paddle. If you prefer to keep your grips as close to the handle as possible, this will ensure nothing gets between you and the "feel" of your gear. Of course, PROLITE's dedication to quality ensures that you'll still enjoy plenty of traction when using this product so that your paddle won't slip during play.

The PROLITE No-Slip Thin Grip will replace any pre-existing grip to minimize your paddle's circumference and add a smooth yet tacky feel. These items come in array of colors that bring extra personality and customization options to your paddles.With every grip you also receive black PROLITE finishing tape so that your gear will have that professional look.

The PROLITE No-Slip Thin Grip will bring a sleek and secure feel to any paddle. Comes in orange, blue, green, pink, yellow, white and black.