PROLITE No-Sweat Diamond Grip

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Diamond design improves traction and directs moisture away from your skin for an extremely secure feel. Rubberized cushion surface provides a soft, comfortable grip for your paddle.

PROLITE Sports No-Sweat Diamond Grip

The PROLITE Sports No-Sweat Diamond Grip is the same one used on the brand's popular Titan Pro Black Diamond Paddle. This grip has a tacky feel to it with a very sturdy design; the mesh not only feels good in the hand, but pulls moisture away from the skin so your paddle doesn't slip away.

The PROLITE Sports No-Sweat Diamond Grip can be used to replace any standard-sized grip on a paddle. It can be used over a pre-existing grip, but this will substantially bulk up the circumference of the handle. The grip is smooth and does not have ribbing for maximum comfort.

The PROLITE Sports No-Sweat Diamond Grip will give you fantastic handling and control over whatever paddle you pair it with. Blue, hot pink, lime green, orange and white.

Reviews (84)

  • Paddle handle no sweat wrap

    Feb 18, 2023

    Works just as promised!!

    Forrest Ward

  • Grip wrap

    Nov 12, 2022

    This is the second time I have purchased this. My hands are very sweaty and this combined with Tourna over wrap is perfect.


  • Interesting thick grip

    Aug 28, 2022

    This grip is an interesting solution to absorption vs tack. Works very well until I'm completely soaked in sweat, at which point it gets slick. If you sweat a normal amount I bet it would be very good, and my solution is to use a tacky towel or rosin bag. Cons: - I had some issues with the sticky backing peeling poorly from the start end, which was a bit of a hassle, but I just peeled from the other end. - Hard to get it consistently tight since it's not too stretchy - First attempt at a wrap left it lumpy. Make sure you don't overlap the double layer segment at all. Easy to do once you realize you can use the diamonds as a guide. Not an endgame grip for me, but I'm keeping it on the paddle for now. As always, Pickleball Central is the best.


  • Pickleball Product Review

    Aug 25, 2022

    Robert Welter

  • Great Grip

    Jun 28, 2022

    My wife loves the feel and the color. I liked how easy it was to put on.

    Jun 28, 2022

  • Excellent transaction and product

    Jun 20, 2022

    Works great

    Jun 20, 2022

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Apr 5, 2022

    Bev Dowdy

  • Great grip

    Jan 26, 2022

    I have to say, I love my new pro lite grip. I definitely have more control on my paddle. It took a day or two to get used too, but it’s definitely an improvement

    Talitha Cirou

  • no dweat diamond grip

    Dec 1, 2021

    installed and very happy

    Tom Dowd

  • Nice Grip

    Nov 20, 2021

    The grip is comfortable and seems to absorb sweat well.

    Robert Eng