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Pickleball Wood Drink Coasters

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Premium coasters made from birch wood with laser-engraved paddles, and finished with a light stain and cork backing for durability. Set of 6.

Wooden Pickleball Drink Coasters - Set of 6

The Pickleball Wood Drink Coasters provide an attractive way to keep your furniture dry and safe from stains when having a beverage. Both designs are simple and classy, expressing an appreciation for the game without calling too much attention to it. The coasters are made with natural birch wood which has a high level of durability, ensuring their effectiveness for years to come.

The Pickleball Wood Drink Coasters are laser engraved so that each design has a precise and clean look. They have a light wood stain to improve both their look and longevity. The backs are finished with a cork base so they neither slide nor scrape against different surfaces. This set comes with six coasters and they each measure 3-½" in diameter and ¼" thick.

Our Wood Pickleball Drink Coasters will make gathering for drinks or dining with friends even more enjoyable by adding a little pickleball flair.