Elegant Enamel Pickleball Paddle Pendant

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Beautiful Pickleball Paddle & Ball Pendant

The Elegant Enamel Pickleball Paddle and Ball Pendant not only looks beautiful on first reveal, but is made to stand the test of time thanks to precious materials. The chain and pendant are designed with deoxidizing sterling silver, which resists tarnish, and is then topped by a 14-karat gold pickleball. The paddle surface is made with a two-part process using a vividly colored resin that is heat cured for an enduring and brightly colored finish. Just like your love for pickleball, this pendant will gleam brightly over the years.

The Elegant Enamel Pickleball Paddle Pendant is about 1 1/8" tall and 1/2" wide, weighing around 4 grams. It comes with an 18" sterling chain in a round wheat design with a lobster catch. Choose from a variety of colors to match it with a beloved paddle, or simply pick your favorite. This necklace is subtle enough to wear frequently but made with exceptional quality that will also complement nicer attire.

This pickleball paddle and ball pendant is a lovely piece that is sure to be a treasured addition to any pickleball lover's jewelry collection. Click the link to check out other great pickleball jewelry.