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Pickleball USB Adapter Plug

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Easily charge your phone or any other USB-based item in an AC outlet with this stylish multicolored power adapter.

Pickleball USB Adapter Plug

The Pickleball USB Adapter Plug is a convenient and portable way to charge your phone and other USB-based items in an AC outlet. This travel-sized adapter can be placed in a bag or pocket whenever you need to have peace of mind knowing you can charge up your favorite tech accessories. Its vivid pickleball design stands out so it will be easy to remember when you're finished using it.

The Pickleball USB Adapter Plug is made of 100% polycarbonate which resists impact and stays strong in case of unintended falls. The charming design consists of multicolored paddles and pickleballs on a white background. This product makes for a handy accessory to have in your personal game/travel bag or as a gift for friends.

The Pickleball USB Adapter Plug will ensure you're prepared to keep your tech goods charged up wherever you go.