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Are you ready to transform your tennis net to regulation height for playing pickleball with? Here's a simple solution! The handy tool makes lowering the net an absolute breeze.

Tennis Net Adjuster for Pickleball

The Tennis Net Adjuster is a handy product to convert a tennis net into a pickleball net. As most pickleball players know, a pickleball net is 2” shorter than the typical, 36” tennis net. That’s where this tool saves the day. The hook simply catches onto the top of the tennis net and is then tethered to an eye hook on the tennis court. These eye hooks can be easily drilled into the tennis court surface. Make sure you have permission to drill.

Once the Tennis Net Adjuster is properly attached to the top of the net and the ground, the metal piece in the center can be tightened and loosened. When made tighter, the top of the net is drawn down towards the ground which lowers the height of the net. Once the net reaches the correct height of 34”, the clamp will retain this desired height.

This Tennis Net Adjuster makes many pickleball players’ lives easier.

Works as promised
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Waterville,valley, NH United States
Our development has a couple of tennis courts which hardly ever get used. This year we convinced them to paint pickle ball lines on one of the courts, too. The adjusters go on to the net quickly and do the job. The only difference between this and a regular pickle ball net is that the tape at the top of a tennis net is thicker and heavier, so some of those low net "touchers" which go over on a pickle ball net will not on a tennis net.

Reviews (6)

  • Tennis Net Adjuster

    Jun 22, 2017

    Product description on web site and installation instructions not sufficient. Product requires user to install "eye" hooks into court surface on the out portion of net so net adjuster can be used by hooking one end into the "eye" hook and the other end placed over the top of the tennis net. PICKLEBALLCENTRAL RESPONSE: Thank you for your review. You gave us good feedback on the product and you have returned it for refund, taking advantage of our 30 return policy. This can be done by using a simple "bungee" cord.

    Jun 22, 2017

  • Customer service saved the day

    Aug 17, 2016

    One of my cable's locking mechanism was installed upside down, but one call to customer service and I was able to get the problem fixed. Great customer service.

    Susan Morton

  • Easy!

    Mar 26, 2016

    The adjuster quickly lowers a tennis net 2" for pickle ball center height by hooking on top,then just remove and hook it on the net for tennis.I recommend it.😎👍🏼

    James Cyr

  • Net adjuster

    Oct 12, 2015

    They arrived in good time. They are of good quality. You will need to get the anchors to drill into the court surface to complete the job.

    Douglas Whiting

  • Tennis net Adjuster

    May 11, 2015

    Thank you for the quick delivery of the Tennis Net Adjuster. Their will work perfect on the tennis net.

    Phillip Murray

  • Adjuster

    May 4, 2015

    we have not had chance to use yet, plan on tomorrow evening. How long does it take to put on? Also, off topic, out CC is putting in new surfaces on tennis courts and will be adding Pickleball lines,do you have suggestion for color and size of the lines. It will be going on a green court. Thanks Mike

    Mike Degenhart