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Pickleball Magnet

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Large pickleball-themed magnet with impressive stick to adorn cars, fridges, and more.

Pickleball Magnet

The Pickleball Magnet is an enjoyable accessory to bring some extra flash to a refrigerator, your vehicle, or perhaps a water bottle. Measuring in close to 5" in diameter, these pickleball magnets have a large size that creates a sturdy hold and makes for an eye-catching decoration wherever it is placed. It has a thick construction and bright design printed in high definition so that passersby can appreciate it at a distance or up close.

The Pickleball Magnet comes in three styles, “Pickleball”, “dink” and “Love”. All three boast bright colors and a bold design that makes your love for pickleball clear. No matter which one catches your eye, it is sure to be a great way to easily add some pickleball style on the road or in a room.

Our Pickleball Magnet is a fun and functional ornament that makes a great gift or addition to your own pickleball stash.