Pickleball Keychain

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Proudly made in the USA, this laser cut keychain comes in two options to show your love of pickleball!

Pickleball Keychain

The Pickleball Keychain is a great way to give a subtle nod to your favorite sport. Attach it to your keys or use it as a zipper pull on your gear bag to dazzle your pickling friends! This is a beautiful piece that has a good amount of weight despite its small size. It has a shining silver tone and clever details that help define the image.

The Pickleball Keychain is around 3” long and 2” wide at its largest. Choose from two styles: plain paddle and ball or paddle and ball with the word "pickleball" bordering the paddle. The paddle is displayed at a slight angle with the ball “attached” by a wrist strap. Comes with keychain ring.

The Pickleball Keychain is a flattering little accessory to have around to share your pickleball passion.


Measures approximately 3" x 2"