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Pickleball Hair Ties

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Cute and colorful designs on extra soft elastic bands protect your hair from breakage while keeping it out of the way during games.

Pickleball Hair Ties

These Pickleball Hair Ties are a charming way to keep your hair away from your face during matches without causing damage. Made from soft elastic, the bands have just enough hold to maintain a ponytail while avoiding breakage. Each band is knotted at one end with a smooth and gentle texture.

The Pickleball Hair Ties can be used as intended or even worn as a bracelet for a cute, makeshift accessory. The designs are made up of a series of paddles over pastel backgrounds in blue, pink and green. There are three bands to a set. These ties are made to be resilient and should last for many uses without losing their shape or hold strength.

Our Pickleball Hair Ties are a delightful and functional accessory that will have you playing matches in style.