Paddletek Paddle Cover

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Paddletek Paddle Cover

The Paddletek Paddle Cover will allow you to show your Paddletek pride while insulating your gear from damage. This durable cover lets you protect your paddle from getting jostled around or nudged up against equipment that could leave a mark while transporting it to and from practices. The soft, padded material of this cover will provide a barrier between your paddle and anything that might cause it harm. Plus it allows you to add a little extra flair to your pickleball practice look.

The Paddletek Cover has a black background and comes in a standard size measuring 9.5" x 11.5" and an X-Large size measuring 9" x 13". The Paddletek logo is shown in the middle and is available in six vibrant colors. A zipper runs along half of the cover, so you can slide your paddle inside with ease and secure it safely.

The Paddletek Paddle Cover is everything you need to keep your paddle in top shape while you play hard to stay in top shape!


Paddletek Paddle Cover Technical Specifications
Standard Cover: 9.5" wide x 11.5" long
X-Large Cover: 9.5" wide x 13" long