Paddletek Drop-N-Dry Pickleball Performance Gel

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A grip improvement gel that dries fast and creates a thin coating on the palms to prevent sweat during matches. Works on feet, too.

Drop-N-Dry The Original Pickleball Performance Gel

Drop-N-Dry Pickleball Performance Gel from Paddletek is a useful tool for grip enhancement and better control during games. This formula works to reduce sweat on hands and can also be used on feet to help avoid blisters. Whenever you want to avoid clamminess on warm days or during intense matches, this gel will allow you to focus on your technique rather than keeping hold of your paddle.

Drop-N-Dry Performance Gel is easy to apply. Simply shake the bottle, pull the cap straight up, invert the bottle, add a small amount of the product to your palms, rub them together, and wait for the thin coating to set. There are approximately 2 oz. in each bottle, which should last for dozens of games and practice sessions. The gel is also considered a "virtual wrist band." This means spreading it around your wrists to stop sweat from running down your arms onto your hands and affecting your grip. You get all the benefits of a secure grip without having to wear and wash extra accessories.

Paddletek's Drop-N-Dry Pickleball Performance Gel is a unique approach to sweat management that'll keep you on the court with your confidence high.

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  • Paddletek drop and dry

    Nov 10, 2022

    Very hard to get out of the container to use. Impossible to use 1/2 the container. Would not buy again

    Tony Alessi