Paddle-Mojo Paddle Cleanse Kit

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Paddle cleansing kit designed to keep your paddle fresh and clean so that you can focus on your game instead of your gear.

Paddle-Mojo Paddle Cleanse Kit

The Paddle-Mojo Paddle Cleanse Kit provides you with everything you need to keep your paddle of choice in tip-top shape. This kit provides you with a concentrated plant-based cleaning formula that is 20% stronger compared to the previous version. This deep cleaning solution effectively lifts dirt and ball fibers off of the surface of your paddle without causing damage or using harsh chemicals. A cleaner paddle face will more consistently deliver your desired amount of spin and power on the ball, even after months of heavy use.

The Paddle-Mojo Paddle Cleanse Kit features additional improvements, including a debris remover tool and an upgrade from a scrub pad to a scrub brush. The scrub brush is able to reach deeper into modern textured paddle surfaces to remove debris and help you achieve a more thorough clean with less elbow grease. Please note that the fun colors of the towel and brush in this kit have been randomly selected for each package.

Keep your pickleball paddle clean and ready for action with the Paddle-Mojo Paddle Cleanse Kit.


Paddle-Mojo Paddle Cleanse Kit Technical Specifications:
Paddle-Mojo Solution Spray Bottle, 2.7oz (80ml)
Microfiber Towel (colors vary)
Scrub Brush (colors vary)
Resealable Zip Lock Bag
Enhanced Debris Remover