OS1st TA6 Thin Air Performance Calf Sleeve

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OS1st TA6 Thin Air Pickleball Calf Sleeve

The OS1st TA6 Thin Air Performance Calf Sleeve can provide big benefits to players without overheating their legs. This design uses material made on 400n medical-grade machinery resulting in ultra-thin fabric that offers air flow while still bringing compression benefits to all the right areas. This "Thin Skin" tech is the first of its kind and cools the legs while improving stamina.

The Thin Air Performance Calf Sleeves are made up of six individual compression zones with varying levels of support so each part of your body is properly stabilized. The sleeve is ideal for targeting shin splints and Achilles tendonitis in addition to preventing general cramps. Players will appreciate quicker recovery without feeling burdened by an uncomfortable accessory. Silver ion technology has antimicrobial qualities which limits odor, too.

The TA6 Thin Air Performance Pickleball Calf Sleeves from OS1st are a convenient and valuable addition to your recovery tools.

Priced as 1 pair of sleeves per package.


OS1st TA6 Thin Air Performance Calf Sleeve Technical Specifications
Advanced medical device for recovery and enhanced performance
Skin Thin  Zones for Increased Airflow
Creates cooling effect during any activity or under any apparel
Easy-on Fit

Targeted Conditions:
Boosts Circulation
Shin Splints
Calf cramps
Muscular Support
Achilles Tendonitis