OS1st ES6 Elbow Bracing Sleeve

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A stabilizing sleeve that reduces pickleball/tennis elbow and helps prevent further injuries. Adaptable fit that won't slide out of place during periods of activity. Sizes S-XL.

OS1st ES6 Elbow Support Sleeve

The OS1st ES6 Elbow Bracing Sleeve stabilizes tendons and provides orthopedic support to the arm in order to reduce pain from pickleball/tennis elbow, arthritis, and general discomfort. It is ideal for use during games since the flexible fit provides freedom of movement without sliding out of place. There are six graduated zones of compression which offer tendon stabilization, paid relief, and cushioning.

The Elbow Bracing Sleeve uses silver ion technology to prevent odors and maintain antimicrobial properties. It is effective for treating chronic injuries as well as preventing new damage. The sleeve is slim enough to be worn under clothing but also comes with UPF 50+ protection so your skin will be protected from the sun.

The OS1st ES6 Elbow Bracing Sleeve is an effective compression system that will help curb aches and support faster recovery.

Package contains 1 elbow bracing sleeve.


OS1st ES6 Elbow Bracing Sleeve Technical Specifications
Fits Under Clothing or Sportswear
Aids in Strength & Performance
Free Range of Motion & Non-Binding Fit
General Weakness & Past Elbow Injury Support

Targeted Conditions:
Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer's Elbow)
General Elbow Pain
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome