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Lock Laces

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An adjustable, no-tie design that locks into place so you never have to worry about your laces coming undone at key moments during games.

Lock Laces

Lock Laces Pickleball are the signature laces of Anna Leigh Waters, the #1 Women's Professional Pickleball Player. Lock Laces have a simple design but add impressive improvements to the security of your footwear. The no-tie functionality not only prevents your laces from coming undone and causing mishaps in the midst of games, but they also allow for quick and easy adjustments to your shoe’s tension and evenly disperse compression.

Lock Laces have a one-size-fits-all design that can replace just about any existing laces on athletic shoes. Each pair comes with two laces measuring 48" each, made from durable elastic with their own cord clips and lock devices. They are 0.22 cm in diameter and made from 6 individual strands for lasting quality no matter how much you adjust them. Enjoy a variety of colors so you can customize and spruce up your footwear at the same time.

Use Lock Laces to enhance your shoes’ stability, add style and keep your feet safe while enjoying pickleball.


Lock Laces Technical Specifications
Elastic Cord Construction
Trim-To-Fit: Fits all Children and Adult Shoe Sizes
No-Tie Design
Stretch-To-Fit Comfort
Patented Double Eyelet Lock Adjusts Tension
Water Resistant
Made in Taiwan