Kollectaball K-Court Ball Collector

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Training aid ball collector with durable construction, 30 pickleball capacity and V-opener, for quick cleanup after drilling.

Kollectaball K-Court Pickleball Collector

When practicing with a ball machine or a friend, and littering the court with pickleballs, the best ball collection tool is one which will pick up balls quickly and save your back the strain of bending over to retrieve each one. To stay warmed up and focused, use the Kollectaball K-Court Ball Collector to pick them up quickly and get back to drilling. This ball collector rolls over lots of balls quickly, keeping them contained within the wire cage, and allows you to dump them back into a bag, bucket, or ball machine hopper with an easy-to-use V-Opener dispenser.

The built-in stand and hook of the K-Court Pickleball Collector from Kollectaball stays out of the way while we play, while the wires that pick up the balls can be easily replaced if damaged for impressive longevity, and the 30-ball capacity ensures fewer trips back-and-forth during cleanup.

Click Here for the Kollectaball K-Court Pickleball Collector Assembly Instructions


Kollectaball K-Court Ball Collector Technical Specifications
Durable Construction
30 Pickleball Capacity
Assembled Dimensions 55" x 16" x 12"
5 lbs.