Graduated Compression Socks

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Mueller Graduated Compression Socks - Performance

The Graduated Compression Socks provides support to calves, ankles and feet so you get the benefit of improved blood flow during play. This accessory helps prevent injury by reducing the vibration your muscles endure from ground impact. It offers UPF 50+ defense thanks to the unique HydraShade UV-protective fabric which is also breathable and antimicrobial.

The Graduated Compression Socks are highly durable and can stand up to frequent, extended use. They reduce muscle fatigue and wick moisture away from the skin. When they're first pulled on, simply smooth out any wrinkles and they should hold their shape against the skin. The socks come in a universally adaptable black color with silver accents. The socks provide 20-30mmHg of performance compression.

The Graduated Compression Socks keep the foundation of your body in top condition so you can quickly and comfortably move across courts.

See Technical Specifications for size information.


Size according to shoe size:
Small: Fits 6-8 Men / 7-9 Women
Medium: Fits 8-10 Men / 9-11 Women
Large: Fits 10-12 Men / 11-13 Women
Extra-Large: Fits 12-14 Men /13-15 Women