Gearbox Smooth Wrap Pickleball Grip

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A sleek and tacky grip that has an extra felt backing for added cushioning and comfort. Available in five colors, including blue, hot pink, red, white, and black. One per package.

Gearbox Smooth Wrap Paddle Grip

The Smooth Wrap Pickleball Grip by Gearbox is a popular choice among players thanks to its comfort and natural feel. The long-lasting materials have a moderate amount of tack and a sleek texture that makes it unobtrusive without reducing the security of your grasp.

The Smooth Wrap Grip is made with urethane resin on a felt backing which adds more thickness for a cushioned feeling. It weighs approximately 25 grams and will fully cover the handle of one pickleball paddle. The grip comes in several colors so you can match them to your paddle's design, or add more dynamism to your gear.

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  • Pickleball Product Review

    Apr 26, 2022

    Fawn Carey