Gearbox Ridgeback Pickleball Grip

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Gearbox Ridgeback Paddle Grip

The Ridgeback Pickleball Grip by Gearbox provides a great degree of texture and assurance along your paddle's handle. For players who maintain the same grip for forehand and backhand shots, the ridging along this grip creates a lightly indented path for your fingers to follow and securely grasp the handle. It offers great stability and a reliable feel.

The Ridgeback Grip also has perforations in the urethane material to absorb moisture and keep your hands dryer during play. It is thickened by a felt backing which brings extra softness and comfort. It weighs about 25 grams and will cover the handle of one pickleball paddle.

The Gearbox Ridgeback Pickleball Paddle Grip is durable and offers a dependable consistency so you can focus on the action rather than your gear.