Gearbox Moisture Absorption Pickleball Grip

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Gearbox Moisture Absorption Paddle Grip

The Moisture Absorption Pickleball Grip by Gearbox is similar to Gearbox's Smooth Wrap Grip, but with anti-perspiration properties. It features perforations in the surface so sweat can be pulled through to the felt backing and away from players' hands. It is ideal for when you want a sleek exterior but need to ensure a secure and tacky grip throughout a game's duration.

The Moisture Absorption Grip weighs around 25 grams and is made with urethane resin and felt. It is fairly thick to provide cushioning and a pleasant feel. Use it to replace a grip on any paddle by removing the old grip, and rewrapping the handle.

The Gearbox Moisture Absorption Pickleball Paddle Grip brings peace of mind, sweat-free play, and additional comfort to your gear.