GAMMA CHUCK Outdoor Pickleballs

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Completely symmetrical tournament-ready pickleball, highly visible bright yellow color, 38 holes cut through wind, and durable roto-molded one-piece construction.

GAMMA "CHUCK" Outdoor Pickleballs

Named for a truly influencial figure both at GAMMA and in the pickleball industry as a whole, the GAMMA "CHUCK" Outdoor Pickleballs burst onto the scene as the first truly symmetrical tournament pickleball. By using 38 holes instead of 40, GAMMA was able to spread the holes equally across this roto-molded, one-piece ball to ensure consistent flight in any weather. As weather and playing environments change, so does visibility. Regardless of where you are playing and what the conditions are, you will easily be able to pick up the bright yellow color of this ball to send it back where it came from and claim another point.

Consistency really is key when discussing the "CHUCK" from GAMMA Pickleball. The material chosen for this ball also considers responsiveness by playing well in both hot and cold weather. Regardless of temperature, this ball will resist cracking or deforming to ensure a consistent bounce, strike, and flight every time.


GAMMA "CHUCK" Outdoor Pickleballs Technical Specifications
Diameter: 2.93"
Holes: 38
Colors: Bright Yellow
Construction: Roto-Molded, One-Piece
Approved: Meets USA Pickleball Specifications
Made in China