Diadem Paddle Armor Edge Tape

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Diadem Paddle Armor Protective Edge Tape

Nothing feels better than playing with a brand-new paddle (break-in aside) and nothing keeps your paddle looking more pristine than Diadem Paddle Armor Tape. The Diadem Paddle Armor Tape 2-Pack boasts two rolls of 25mm wide tape that is specially designed to protect the edge of your trusty paddle.

The 25mm width of the Paddle Armor Tape 2-Pack fits nicely on edgeless 19mm-thick paddles as well as any 16mm paddle with an edge guard already attached. The result is a secure barrier that prevents dings and dents for day after day of play. When it does start to wear, simply peel off the tape and apply a fresh barrier against damage.

The Paddle Armor Tape from Diadem is designed to help your paddle hold up to your insatiable appetite for pickleball.


Diadem Paddle Armor Tape 2-Pack Technical Specifications
Synthetic Construction
25mm Width
Includes 2 Rolls of Tape