Tourna Mega Tac Pickleball Grip

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Tourna Mega Tac Pickleball Grip

The Tourna Mega Tac Grip does exactly what the name suggests: keeps your hand in contact with your paddle at all times! Sweat, water, humidity, whatever you throw at this grip, nothing can stop it from sticking to you. The proprietary PU coating makes it cling to your hand as long as you want it there.

The Tourna Mega Tac Grip comes in three colors so that you can find a match for your paddle. To use this product you simply wrap it on top of your paddle’s pre-existing grip to add tackiness. The back of this grip has a slight stickiness to it, helping it to stay in place but preventing residue from rubbing off on your handle should you need to remove it. If you worry about your paddle slipping out of your hands, try the Tourna Mega Tac Grip and you’ll never have to let go!

Available in the following colors: blue, white and black. Each package contains two grip wraps.


Each package contains two grips. Each one is the perfect length to wrap one pickleball paddle.
Each grip measures 2.23 cm x 98 cm