CRBN DryTec Overgrip

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Pack of four (4) pickleball overgrips constructed from a soft and tacky DryTec material that absorbs both shock and moisture. 0.6mm thick.

CRBN DryTec Pickleball Paddle Overgrip

Get a grip during hectic matches with the help of the CRBN DryTec Overgrip. Coming in a pack of four, we use these overgrips to add a soft and tacky feel or extra thickness to the grip of whatever paddle we are playing with. The DryTec material absorbs both shock and moisture, while the .6mm thickness allows us to achieve our desired hand feel.


CRBN DryTec Overgrip Technical Specifications
Soft and Tacky
Absorbs Shock and Moisture
.0.6mm Thick
4 Grips Per Bag