CRBN Lead Tape Strips

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Lead Tape Strips designed to customize the swing weight, sweet spot, and balance of your paddle with strong 3M adhesive. 3-grams each.

CRBN Pickleball Paddle Lead Tape Strips

We trust the CRBN Lead Tape Strips to help us expand the sweet spot, change the balance point, or alter the swing speed of paddles to best suit our game. These high-density lead strips measure in at an edge guard hugging 5 x 1cm and weigh 3-grams each to make a significant change. The 3M adhesive provides a secure connection no matter where we put it. Each bag includes 12 Pre-cut strips so that we can really experiment.



CRBN Lead Tape Strips Technical Specifications
High Density Lead
3M Adhesive
3 Grams Each
Includes 12 Pre-cut Adhesive Strips
5 x 1cm