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Cleaning solution, spray bottle, and microfiber towel designed to clean the textured hitting surface of your trusty paddle.

Paddle Reset Cleaning Kit

With daily play comes gunk and residue on your paddles hitting surface, we clean this debris with Paddle Reset to keep our paddle performing like the day we got it. The spray bottle is filled with a proprietary pickleball-specific cleaning solution that is specially engineered to remove the polymers, plasticizers, and stabilizers left over from striking top-of-the-line pickleballs on a daily basis, while the microfiber towel allows you to wipe residue away.

To clean your paddle with Paddle Reset from RESET Pickleball simply spray the hitting surface with the cleaning solution and wipe down with the 18” square microfiber towel (included). Doing this before heading out to play will renew the sharp and tacky texture on your paddle face so that you can hit spinning serves, cutting drop shots, and control your passing shots with ease.


Paddle Reset Technical Specifications
Spray Bottle with Cleaning Solution
18 x 18” Microfiber Towel
Non-Toxic Solution
Safe for Any Hitting Surface