Lab Breakdown: Diadem Edge 18k Deep Dive

by Joseph Sutton on Sep 18, 2023

Lab Breakdown: Diadem Edge 18k Deep Dive

Review: Diadem Edge 18K Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Overview: With a spec sheet almost identical to the original Diadem Warrior Edge Carbon Fiber Paddle, we were able to pinpoint the benefits of the upgraded 18k Tri-axial Carbon Fiber face. Fans of the Diadem Warrior Edge Carbon Fiber Paddle will appreciate the extra spin potential and forgiving feel of the 18k which slots itself as one of our favorite control-all-court paddles on the market.


The Warrior Edge is still a top choice for 1000s of players including Diadem pros on the PPA Tour, and we were thrilled with the opportunity to take a deep dive into what makes this paddle special.

Just like the Warrior Edge, the Edge 18K is an elongated paddle with a comfortable 16mm one-piece core giving competitive reach, power, and stability in a package accessible to most players.

Our Edge 18K came in at 7.9 ounces and tested comparably to the original Warrior Edge for swingweight, twistweight, and balance point.

Tech Specs

The first thing you’ll notice is the unique diamond weave pattern across the face of the paddle. This is thanks to the Triaxial weave carbon fiber face layer which serves more purpose than aesthetics alone. Triaxial Carbon Fiber is a spread tow fabric that allows the sheet to be thinner, lighter, and stiffer than conventional carbon fabrics. It demonstrates Quasi Isotropic properties, meaning it’s strength and stiffness are equal in every direction. The 18K in the name refers to the number of filaments per “tow”, and 18K fabric demonstrates more rigidity than lower width weaves.

So what does this mean for you?

Diadem engineers explain that this face construction allows for dwell and spring to be generated in every direction creating consistent spin and power performance no matter the orientation of the paddle at contact, all while saving weight. (Slow motion B roll of a standard drive and a cross court dink vertically).

On top of the triaxial carbon fiber layer is a resin peel ply created weave texture similar to other “Raw” carbon fiber paddles on the market creating a long lasting “gritty” feeling face that adds even more spin generation capability to your game. Diadem has also spread the humps of the Aero Edge guard to create a better surface for adding weighted tape making it easier to customize your paddle.

The Edge 18K has an octagonal handle that will be comfortable to most players, but there is no solid layer on the edges of the handle keeping you from feeling the honeycomb core beneath.


Playing the Edge 18k side by side with its predecessor, John and I were able to isolate the upgrades in performance and feel that Diadem engineered. We felt slightly low to moderate power potential coupled with a big upgrade in spin generation that allowed us to swing freely, bend and shape our drives, and commit to aggressive drops and dinks. The paddle felt a little unforgiving for my game towards the bottom half of the face, but .3 ounces of weighted tape on the throat and bottom corners of the paddle helped mitigate that without impacting its maneuverable “whippy” performance.

Who is this paddle for?

  • Elongated paddle fans looking for top-tier spin without sacrificing control
  • Former tennis players and other athletes that like to “swing out” and keep the ball in play
  • Players who want a competitive paddle that looks ?

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