Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee

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Steel frame squeegee can absorb excess water from your court surface allowing for a quicker dry time to get you back out playing. Includes one roller.

Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee

The Tourna-Dri Ready Roll Squeegee with Roller is the perfect tool to ensure that your pickleball court’s playing surface stays perfectly clean, dry and playable. Never again will you struggle to find the time to wet the court, only to immediately sop up the water. This 36" squeegee features state-of-the-art synthetic rubber composite materials, which do not require pre-wetting of the court. Just start pushing! Not only will you save time, your court will never look better.

The Tourna-Dri Ready Roll Squeegee with Roller is constructed from high-quality, resilient materials which have proven to stand the test of time (and water). The framing is cut from stainless steel, ensuring a strong base. The “T” shape of the squeegee only adds to the extreme durability thanks to the pressure being evenly spread out throughout the squeegee’s frame.

The Tourna-Dri Ready Roll Squeegee with Roller should be a go-to cleaning tool for every pickleball court.

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Tourna-DRI Ready Roll Squeegee Technical Specifications
36" Width
Weight: 8lbs

Reviews (4)

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Jul 4, 2018

    very practical way to keep the Court clean

    James Schwebel

  • Great Roller!

    Nov 22, 2017

    So far we've only had a day of rain but this roller works great! This is a must have for outdoor courts if you want to continue playing after a rainstorm. highly recommended.

    Michael Irwin

  • pickleball equipment

    Apr 6, 2016

    I have already used my Tourna-Dri Ready Roll Squeegee and it works great. Made of sturdy Stainless Steel and easy to assemble and an "s" hook to hang on the enclosed fence. Great product and I highly recommend this product.

    James Zachrich

  • Dry Courts

    Dec 13, 2015

    Squeegee worked well with downward pressure on handle, the more pressure, the better it worked. Low spots smaller than the width of the roller were handled with the roller edges. May be harder for small individuals to handle due to downward pressure needed. Two courts were free of water within minutes. Roller easy to remove and store separately from handle. All in all we would recommend this product.

    John Yacukowicz