Pickleball Ballport Mini

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The helpful ball holder has been modified specifically to be able to use with pickleballs. It is easy to use, durable, holds up to 22 balls, and stands upright for convenient access.

Pickleball Ballport Mini

The Pickleball Ballport Mini is a handy tool that both stores pickleballs when they’re not in use and picks them up from the ground. This alleviates that always-annoying task of bending over and picking up each ball one by one. This device contains two specially-ordered rods which bend to allow pickleballs to enter, but they can’t fall back out on their own. To use this feature, simply place the tool on top of a loose ball, apply a bit of pressure and the ball will simply pop inside. After you finish picking up the balls, the handles swing down, lock in place and become legs to stand.

This Pickleball Ballport Mini is created from extremely durable polypropylene plastic. This material will never rust, break or have peeling paint. Altered for pickleball use, the tool will surely stand the test of time. Twenty-two (22) pickleballs comfortably fit inside of the basket portion, which is 9” wide, 7” deep and 12” high. When standing proud and tall, the device reaches 29” high.

The Pickleball Ballport Mini will save both your time and your back- win/win!

Back and Time Saver!
Reviewer: mixinit from Ocala, FL United States
I recently bought a "Simon" Pickleball machine and needed something for ball retrieval. Bending over and picking up over 100 balls every time I drilled was more exhausting and time consuming than the drilling. This ball port for pickleballs is fantastic, it's well made and well worth the $20. No more bending over to pick up balls. The handles can also swing down to convert the ball port into a waist high ball hopper. I really love this thing, I just bought another one 3 days ago.

Ballport - Ball Pick Up
Reviewer: Wesbo from Arlington, TX United States
This product is a simple design, light and functional product. Price is fair too. Very satisfied.

Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Old Bridge, NJ United States
I would have given this 5 stars except the instructions are a little vague. Still really easy to put together but took a little longer than some of the others. Overall a really great product. Can practice various strokes and don't have to keep bending down to pick up the balls. Hope it lasts because it is really great.

Reviewer: Harold Bates from Turner, OR United States
Works great, very quick, and an extreme help for this old body

Great product
Reviewer: Marian Pasela from Dunsmuir, CA United States
Light, stable, and very clever. The product comes with two replacement rods to turn this into a pick-up for pickleballs. The new rods are slightly flexible thus enabling the rigid pickleball to be picked up. The height is great for pulling balls out to practice with and the rods move close together to keep the balls in when you're transporting them.

Ball pickup basket
Reviewer: Bernie Darien from St. George, UT United States
We are very happy to find a basket that picks up pickleballs. It works well, is made of durable plastic, is lightweight and easy to carry. Would like to see one just a little larger but would give this one five stars.

Ball pick up
Reviewer: Marilee Schauff from Vacaville, CA United States
We play on tennis courts marked for Pickleball so there are lot's of balls to be picked up. After having back surgery, this ball pick up is for me, better than sliced bread. I would highly recommend this product for any group playing on tennis courts.


Ballport® Ball Pick Up is made of tough polypropylene. No wires to rust, welding to break or paint to peel. Handles rotate and lock up or down for easy pickup and dispensing. Assembly is easy with panels locking into place and legs easily attached with provided screws. Rolling bars on the bottom help ease balls into the basket and hold hold them in. Sliding bars on the top slide open to make dispensing easy, and lock closed to hold balls during transport and storage. Handles lock into an upright position for ball collection, and in a downward position for ball dispensing with a patented locking feature. Weight approximately 3.5 lbs.