SwiftNet Replacement Bag

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Carrying your net system back and forth to the court can take a toll on the bag. Have no fear, this replacement bag will safely store and transport your SwiftNet just like the original.

SwiftNet Replacement Bag

The SwiftNet Replacement Bag is great to have on hand when your original carrier starts to show signs of wear. This all black bag is identical to the model that's received when players purchase the net and will hold all the pieces of the net system so they can be transported safely and quickly.

The SwiftNet Replacement Bag has two sizeable carrying handles and uses a supportive framing to help maintain the bag's shape. making it easier to store away net parts. A zipper runs length-wise across the bag's length and ends about midway down the sides, and the durable black nylon material will keep your Swiftnet well protected. Storage Bag measures 40" L x 8" W x 8" H

The SwiftNet Replacement Bag will protect your SwiftNet from damage during storage while making it easy to move from place to place when you're on the go.


40" L x 8" W x 8" H