Selkirk SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

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Highly maneuverable fiberglass paddle with 13mm core and defensive proportions.

Middleweight/Medium Grip

Selkirk SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0 Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

The aptly named SLK Hybrid collection features Selkirk's paddles that balance great power with a measure of control to help you exploit your opponent's weaknesses. The Selkirk SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0 Pickleball Paddle is the more maneuverable of the two paddles in the Hybrid line, allowing this 7.8 ounce, midweight paddle to bring plenty of control to your power game. The control elements are further enhanced by the 13mm (0.51") thickness of the Rev-Hybrid Polymer honeycomb core.

While the core material, paddle thickness, and short'ish 4.85" handle length all boost the control attributes of the SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0, it is the C7-Flex Hybrid Fiberglass face material that inspires you to hit powerful drives and overheads. This fiberglass hitting surface measures a defensively-oriented 11.15" long by 7.85" wide, acting as a great blocking and resetting tool. This material returns gobs of energy back to the ball when struck, to boost ball velocity and help you drive winners past your opponents.

The SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0 Paddle from Selkirk Pickleball is a nicely-balanced finesse paddle with a slight lean toward power due to its profile and composite fiberglass face. Tremendous value is baked in!


Selkirk SLK Evo Hybrid Max 2.0 Pickleball Paddle Technical Specifications
Average Weight: 7.8 ounces
Weight Range: 7.6 - 8.0 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
Grip Style: SLK Ultra-Comfort
Grip Manufacturer: Selkirk Sport
Handle Length: 4.85"
Paddle Length: 16"
Paddle Width: 7.85"
Paddle Face: C7-Flex Hybrid Fiberglass
Core Material: Rev-Hybrid Polymer Core
Core Thickness: 13mm (0.51")
Edge Guard: EdgeSentry Edge Guard
Manufacturer: Selkirk Sport
Designed in the USA
Made in China

Reviews (10)

  • Amazing Paddle

    Jun 29, 2023

    Prior to this paddle, I was using the ProKennex ProSpeed II. It is a good paddle for those with injuries, especially elbow issues, which I was dealing with when I purchased it. However, I am no longer plagued with elbow issues, so I decided to try the SLK EVO Hybrid Max 2.0. I play a lot of both singles and doubles, and this paddle has transformed my game. My shots are far more powerful (both my serves and my return shots). I have found that many of the shots that just missed clearing the net with my ProKennex now make it over without my having made any change to my style of playing. I have also noticed significantly more spin on the ball. I have played with various paddles that cost significantly more than this one, and I still prefer the EVO 2.0 . The only thing I added was an overgrip from Gamma. I may experiment with tungsten tape, as I would be fine with a bit more weight (my paddle was 7.4 oz out of the box and about 7.7 oz after I added the overgrip). At this price point, I am not sure how you could go wrong. In short, whether you're brand new to pickleball or have been playing for a bit, I would definitely encourage you to check out this paddle.


  • Great intermediate paddle!

    Feb 14, 2023

    Great value! Got it on sale for $80 but would still have been satisfied at full price. Feels solid. Not too heavy or light. Not the grittiest surface to the touch but has some texture and I get good spin. Seems pretty well constructed and durable so far. Would definitely buy again.


  • Pickle ball paddle

    Feb 9, 2023

    Good medium price paddle appropriate for an average player. I am happy with this paddle so far.

    James Johnson

  • Game Changer!

    Feb 6, 2023

    This paddle has been absolutely fantastic. I was about a 3.0 player and, with this paddle, I've absolutely seen a HUGE improvement in my game and am confident that I'm a 3.5, pushing a 4.0 (since I've recently had another lesson). My power hits and strong, but controlled, I have massive control with my dink shots, my serves are so much better, I consistently hit the sweet spot, and it's very comfortable to use. I even let my boyfriend borrow it for a game and he pickled someone for the first time ever!! I definitely recommend this paddle to new and intermediate pickleball players.


  • Eve paddle

    Jan 19, 2023

    Very happy with this paddle.

    Kris bouchard

  • Selkirk SLK Evo Hybrid Max Paddle

    Dec 19, 2022

    Excelent paddle, strong, light


  • Very nice paddle

    Sep 1, 2022

    I am not experienced enough at Pball to give a well informed review, but this paddle seems to work very well and while I have only used a few times so far, be well constructed. At the moment, I'd buy it again

    Sep 1, 2022

  • SLK EVO hybrid max paddle

    Jul 26, 2022

    This is a great paddle. Great mid-tier price point performance.

    Jonathan DeFreese

  • speedy turnaround

    Jul 18, 2022

    Ordered the paddle online & received it 2 days later. Fast, efficient transaction & delivery.

    Jul 18, 2022

  • New to Pickleball - Needed a paddle

    Mar 24, 2022

    I am new to the sport and love it. Pickleball Central was a great spot for shopping for a newbie since I needed to count on customer reviews and a good guarantee! I was very pleased with the service and will continue to visit as needed.

    Rich Wilson