Referee Score Clip

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Referee Score Clip

The Referee Score Clip is a necessity for easily keeping track of the score and server during games. If you plan to referee, this accessory will help you mark down points according to USAPA standards. The clip has a sturdy make and the numbers 1 and 2 are respectively printed on each individual side, with a forward and backward slash placed below. They have a square-shaped, white background to make it easier to see the numbers and markings at a glance.

The Referee Score Clip has a solid, brightly colored background. The clip is intended to be used on a score sheet clipboard where you place the numbers over the players' names so you can tell whose serve it is. The marks below show in which direction you should mark the point boxes so you know who was serving when they were scored.

The Referee Score Clip is one of the primary tools you should have at your disposal to be an effective and reliable referee.

Available in black, blue, natural, purple, red