Rally Portable Replacement Net

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This is the replacement net for the Rally Portable Net System (orange frame).

Rally Replacement Net

The Rally Replacement Net makes use of a buckle tension system to ensure an efficient and sturdy fit on your net system. It uses the same style as the net originally provided with the Rally Net System. If you need to swap out an old net, this will give your system a new lease on pickleball life!

The Rally Replacement Net uses a durable black mesh with vinyl overlay along the edges. It has a reinforced center slip that helps prevent the tubing from damaging the system after extended use. This also ensures the center of the net stays at the recommended 34 inches. Its measurements are approved for official tournaments. The round fiberglass center support rod is available for purchase separately.

The Rally Replacement Net is the perfect solution when you need to make sure your system is up-to-date and in top condition.


Regulation size net measures 22' x 34"