Rally Portable Net Replacement Bag

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This is the replacement carrying bag for the Rally Portable Net System (orange frame).

Rally Replacement Bag

The Rally Replacement Bag comes in the same style as the bag you originally receive when purchasing the Rally Portable Net System. It has several internal compartments that allow you to separate out the different tubes and bases needed to put the system together. The durable nylon material reduces the wear and tear it takes from frequent travel and storage.

The Rally Replacement Bag has a long zipper along the top and comes with carrying handles for simple transport. If you need to change out your original bag or keep a backup on hand, this is the best option to use. The bag itself is fairly lightweight despite its durability so that it won't inconvenience its carrier when moving it around. Bag measures 40" L x 8" H x 10" W.

The Rally Replacement Bag will keep your net system safe while allowing you to store it in a convenient place.


Bag measures 40" L x 8" H x 10" W.