PROLITE Paddle Cover

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PROLITE Paddle Cover

The PROLITE Paddle Cover is nicely cushioned to protect your paddle against jostling, dust and various things that could cause harm to your equipment. The cover has a little bit of stretch to it to ensure a secure fit and is perfect for sticking in a bag or drawer without interfering with other items. It's helpful whether you're on the go or need to store your gear at home while ensuring it stays in top condition.

The PROLITE Paddle Cover has a royal blue background with PROLITE's logo in the center in a vibrant yellow color. In the center is a pickleball with a strike of lightning shooting behind it. The zipper starts near the base of the cover and runs to the center of its top. The standard size cover measures approximately 9.5" x 11.5, and the X-Large cover measures 9.5 x 13" allowing a great fit on a variety of paddles sizes.

The PROLITE Paddle Cover is a great match for your corresponding PROLITE paddle to keep it safe and show off your favorite brand.


Standard size: 11.5 inches long, 9.5 inches wide
X-Large size: 13 inches long, 9.5 inches wide