Finger Tape

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Don't let dry or sensitive fingers hinder your game! The porous and flexible finger wrap seals any cracked skin, is hypoallergenic, and sticks to itself, not to your skin.

Finger Tape

To keep your fingers safe from harm’s way during pickleball play, try out the Finger Tape. The unique material blend was formulated in such a way that the tape does not stick to your skin- only to the tape itself. This totally eliminates all of that annoying pain that comes when trying to remove the tape from your body. This product can be used to protect your delicate skin from callusing or cracking, and when used correctly, can be used to stabilize fingers and avoid injury.

The Finger Tape is made from a non-allergenic cotton and mesh blend, which is quite porous and allows your wounds and fingers to breathe. It’s flexible, so it will not hinder movement or play. The material also promotes healing; simply apply a layer of tape to a wound and continue playing while your skin restores itself.

The Finger Tape is safe to use on your skin and is a great, multipurpose product.