Pickleball Bottle Opener

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Proudly made in the USA, this laser cut bottle opener comes in two bright colors to show your love of pickleball! Makes a great gift!

Pickleball Bottle Opener

The Pickleball Bottle Opener is just the accessory you need to celebrate in sporty style! If you're hosting a pickleball-themed party, celebrating a tournament win or just hanging out with fellow players, this is the ideal trinket to have on hand. It makes for a great gift for the beer aficionados in your life as well!

The charming design of the Pickleball Bottle Opener features a pickleball paddle and ball attached to the wrist strap with the word "Pickleball" curving around the side. The central area of the paddle is shaped to allow you to pop off bottle caps in a snap. It can be ordered in yellow or green and has a pleasant weight to the design.

The Pickleball Bottle Opener is sure to become a necessity whenever you're ready to kick back and relax with friends. Available in green or yellow.


Pickleball Bottle Opener Technical Specifications
Measures Approximately 4" x 3"