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Penn 26 Indoor Pickleballs

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True bounce designed specifically for indoor wooden surfaces with minimal skid. Vibrant hot lava color is highly visible for indoor play. Available in 3, 6, 12, 72 or 100 count.

Penn 26 Indoor Pickleball by HEAD

The Penn 26 Indoor Pickleball is the ideal choice for consistent and reliable play on wooden surfaces. Specifically engineered for a true bounce without any skidding, players are sure to love the way this ball responds to paddle and court contact. The vibrant color was made to stand out against indoor surfaces so that all players can easily keep track of the ball's flight path.

The Penn 26 Indoor Pickleball has large, precision drilled holes that allow for maximum airflow and "clean" flight without veering off course. Their visibility and smooth surface make for a top quality design that works well in just about any indoor setting for both newbies and high skill level players.

The Penn 26 Indoor Pickleball is a great go-to option when you're looking for a ball that offers accuracy, pleasant touch and dependable play.

Available in 3, 6, 12, or 100 count.


Penn 26 Indoor Pickleball Technical Specifications
Diamter: 2.904"
Weight: 26 grams
26 holes
Seamless construction
USAPA Approved
Made in Taiwan

Reviews (265)

  • While they have some good qualities, we are a Lowplay group and they don’t last..

    Dec 3, 2023

    Good indoor balls are hard to find…!!!***PBC Response*** Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! Every ball is not designed for every player or environment. Please reach out to our customer service team by phone or email for more information on how to return these with in 30days . - Anastasia, PBC Team

    Ka Kane

  • Our group loves them for indoor play

    Dec 1, 2023

    Only negative is durability; develops cracks too soon

    Michael Hickman

  • High Visibility & No Skid

    Dec 1, 2023

    Ever seen an indoor ball hit the floor, stay low and speed up? That's a ball that is skidding. It is very unnatural and makes shot anticipation a lot more difficult. These balls are the easiest for me to see and track indoors on gym floors. They also rarely skid at all which makes them the best performing ball when they are new. The issue is that they tend to soften up pretty quickly and then they are just a little slow and dead for most. The biggest plus is that they don't skid on the hardwood gym floors.


  • good balls

    Nov 29, 2023

    good balls

    Martin Slater

  • penn indoor balls

    Nov 26, 2023

    We play indoors on hardwood gym floor, the color makes them easy to pick up threw the glare of the overhead lights

    james bero

  • Penn Indoor pickleballs

    Nov 11, 2023

    Great red color for bright lights, hardwood floor and blue walls.Softer than Core balls; not as lively.


  • Best indoor pickleballs on the market for hardwood floors

    Nov 8, 2023

    Best indoor balls for indoor hardwood floors on the market

    Mai Nguyen

  • Penn Lava Red Indoor Pickleballs

    Nov 5, 2023

    Definitely the most visible ball for playing on hardwood floors.

    Ray Anderson

  • Penn 26 Indoor Pickleballs Hot Lave

    Nov 5, 2023

    our group prefers playing with the Penn 26 Indoor Pickleballs, Hot Lava color. They stand up to alot of play, and the hot lava color is the easiest to see in an indoor gym setting, with light colored wood floors and white walls. They provide the most contrast.

    kay stratman

  • Head indoor pickelballs

    Oct 30, 2023

    Been playing withered for several years now. Easy to follow and control. I must this years product is by far the best produced yet. Stronger and a little quicker, doesn't soften like the old one or crack.

    Jim Searing