Paddletek Sport Pickleball Backpack

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Compact sport backpack with 4-large pockets for pickleball gear, a laptop sleeve, fence hook, luggage sleeve, and dual external water bottle pockets.

Paddletek Pickleball Sport Backpack

When we pull on the padded shoulder straps of the Paddletek Sport Backpack we know we are prepared for the court. Whether we are heading straight to the court or stopping by the office enroute, we know that the 4-zippered pockets, one containing a laptop sleeve, will keep us prepared and organized throughout.

The Sport Backpack from Paddletek loves pulling double duty. Once we get to the court, we can easily clip it on the fence via an integrated fence hook for easy access before during and after our match. Once it is hanging on the fence, we can grab out water from the external water bottle pockets and admire the Paddletek branding that shows our loyalties.


Paddletek Sport Backpack Technical Specifications
100% Polyester
4 Zipper Pockets
Laptop Sleeve
Fence Hook
Luggage Sleeve
16”L x 6”W x 12”H
Paddletek Branding

Reviews (1)


    Dec 20, 2023

    Was initially worried that it might be too small, but nope! Totally wrong! ???? Absolutely love this backpack! Affordable, comfortable, and convenient with so many pockets/compartments. Large enough to fit a full size laptop, couple paddles, extra gear/accessories, pair of shoes, and extra set of clothes. What else do you need?! I use it daily and it's great ???? It's not the "official tour bag", so for those looking for the more "serious" option, I'd recommend the "serious" bag.. but even if you are a "serious" player/competitor, this bag's more than enough. Fast shipping, and even came with a personalized thank you note! Thanks Pickleball Central, I'll be sure to come back ????

    Justin Choi