Outdoor Cloth Court Tape

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Special fabric tape is designed to be one of the most durable court line tapes on the market. Excellent moisture and abrasion resistance. Choose from red, yellow, or white; 200 feet per roll, two inches wide.

Outdoor Cloth Court Tape

The Outdoor Cloth Tape is a great court lining solution for those who want a less temporary option. This tape is made of high-quality cloth and coated with polyethylene. The resilient adhesive found on the underside of the tape is natural rubber and the finish is low gloss. Due to the nature of the minimal glossiness, there is little-to-no light reflectivity on this tape. This makes it easier to see the lines on the court thanks to the reduction of glare off of a shiny court tape. The tape is also water-resistant, both on the adhesive and on the finish.

The Outdoor Cloth Tape comes in yellow, red, or white so you can choose the best color for your court surface. The Outdoor Cloth Tape is also quite easy to hand-tear in case scissors are not readily available. Finally, it does not twist nor curl while applying it to your surface. It can also be used on indoor surfaces including carpet.

The Outdoor Cloth Tape is great for those who want court tape for an outdoor playing surface. For easy set up and temporary pickleball lines Wilson EZ pickleball court lines are also great. 

Available in the following colors: red, white and yellow.

This tape could leave residue when it's removed, so as with any bonding agent, we suggest testing this product on a small patch of surface prior to application to determine ease of removal. This tape should be removed/replaced after 45-60 days of weather exposure.

Please see technical specifications tab for more tips on removing tape after extended time periods.

Click HERE for helpful suggestions on laying down your court lines.


Each roll is 200 feet long and 2 inches wide. Polyethylene-coated cloth tape Excellent water resistance Surface type and duration of application may affect performance Here are helpful suggestions from the manufacturer on removing tape: • Rubbing alcohol • Citrus-based cleaners • Windex • Heat If the tape has been down for a long period (2+ months), prior to removal heat can be applied with a hair dryer as tape is peeled back. The heat softens the adhesive and little residue should remain.