OS1st WP4+ Wide No Show Sock

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A recovery and compression sock in a wider design that offers plenty of room for comfort. Made with nano-bamboo charcoal that wicks moisture and provides odor control.
Sizes S-2XL

OS1st WP4+ Wide No Show Sock

The WP4+ Wide No Show Sock from OS1st ensures you won’t have to sacrifice support for comfort. This wide design gives players extra room to stretch their feet but still offers gentle, medical-grade compression that reduces swelling, fatigue and pain. These socks are a great way to treat conditions caused by neuropathy, edema and diabetes in a subtle and hassle-free way.

The OS1st WP4+ Wide No Show Socks use silver ion technology which has antimicrobial properties that result in reduced odor. The nano-bamboo charcoal material is light weight and non-binding but shaped with individual left/right designs so that it seamlessly contours to your feet. This style feels padded and reduces stress along the arch but doesn’t result in increased bulk within shoes.

The OS1st WP4+ Wide No Show Sock encourages recovery and free movement in a convenient, roomy package.

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OS1st WP4+ Wide No Show Sock Technical Specifications
Seamless Nano-Bamboo Charcoal Construction
Non-Binding Comfort
Shaped-to-Fit Design
Light Gradient Compression
Contoured Padding
Mid-foot/Arch Support Structure
Left/Right Design for the Perfect Fit
Y-Gore Heel
Care: Wash gentle on cold. Air dry. No bleach or fabric softener

Targeted Conditions:
• Diabetes
• Circulation Support
• Sensitive Feet
• Edema
• Neuropathy