OS1st WP4+ Wide Crew Socks

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Padded yet light weight sock made from nano-bamboo charcoal that provides comfort and odor control. Compression design for enhanced recovery and circulation.
Sizes S-2XL

OS1st WP4+ Wide Crew Socks

The WP4+ Wide Crew Sock from OS1st proves that support doesn’t have to come in a restrictive style. This sock has a wide fit which offers more room than standard shapes but still brings gentle compression to its design. Its seamless construction strengthens circulation and can be used to treat symptoms from edema, neuropathy and diabetes.

The OS1st WP4+ Wide Crew Socks is made of eco-friendly nano-bamboo charcoal, which has a soft and light weight feel. Silver ion tech reduces odor and provides antimicrobial benefits so you can enjoy comfort all throughout the day. There is subtle padding in areas that need the most support such as the mid-foot/arch, but the overall style is sleek enough to be worn under any type of shoe.

The OS1st WP4+ Wide Crew Sock is a must-have for players who want to feel just as good on their feet after games as when they began.

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OS1st WP4+ Wide Crew Socks Technical Specifications
Seamless Nano-Bamboo Charcoal Construction
Non-Binding Comfort
Shaped-to-Fit Design
Light Gradient Compression
Contoured Padding
Mid-foot/Arch Support Structure
Left/Right Design for Perfect Fit
Y-Gore Heel
Care: Wash gentle on cold. Air dry. No bleach or fabric softener

Targeted Conditions:
• Diabetes
• Circulation Support
• Sensitive Feet
• Edema
• Neuropathy

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