ONIX Premier Lite Adjustable Hat

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Light weight hat with vents and interior sweatband keeps you dry even during intense games and on hot days.

ONIX Premier Lite Adjustable Hat

The ONIX Pickleball Premier Lite Hat was made to help players stay cool and sweat free even during vigorous play in hot environments. It is made with 100% recycled polyester which wicks moisture away from the head and also has an interior sweatband that prevents sweat from running along the face. There are small vents on both sides of the cap panels for added airflow and comfort.

The ONIX Premier Lite Adjustable Hat features the Onix logo in the center of the design with the brand name on the side. It has an adjustable back closure so that players of all sizes can enjoy the relief it brings. The bill is slightly curved for a comfortable fit and better protection from the sun, and it comes in black, orange, or white so you can pick whichever best complements your pickleball wardrobe.

The ONIX Pickleball Premier Lite Hat is an excellent choice for players wanting to keep sweat away from their eyes and maintain a balanced temperature during long days on the court.


ONIX Premier Lite Adjustable Hat Technical Specifications
100% Recycled Polyester
Adjustable Velcro Closure
Interior Sweatband Keeps you Dry
Air Vents Improve Ventilation