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Oneshot Pickleball Premium Overgrip

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Oneshot Pickleball Premium Paddle Overgrip

Whether you like to customize your paddle grip right out of the box, or you push your paddles to the limit and need to refresh the grip from time to time, the Premium Overgrip from Oneshot Pickleball is for you. These polyurethane overgrips only add 0.6mm of thickness to maintain your desired feel. Despite this thin construction, they do a good job of absorbing sweat for a no slip grip from the first point to the last.

Three (3) overgrips per order allow you to create a uniform feel across your quiver of paddles.


Oneshot Pickleball Premium Overgrip Technical Specifications
Polyurethane Construction
0.6mm Thickness
High Absorption
25mm Wide
Includes 3 Overgrips