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You'll receive four paddles, a bag, balls and a few accessory items. Great for keeping your group stocked with paddles and gear.

Pickleball Mystery Box

4 Paddles + 4 Balls + Other Fun Random Accessories!

Our Mystery Boxes are back and better than ever! Thanks to our partnerships with some of the industry’s best manufacturers, we’re able to get our hands on special demo and "blemished" paddles. While these may have minor visual issues that prevent them from being sold as new, such as paint discolorations or small surface scratches, they will play like first quality units. It’s hard for manufacturers to market these paddles due to their not-quite-perfect status, but PickleballCentral has plenty of customers interested in great deals! We inspect every paddle to ensure they will perform, and then package them into our Mystery Box kits so everyone comes out a winner.

We know that players are always looking for high quality equipment for clubs, families, and community groups, and these boxes accomplish just that. You get a great deal and we have the opportunity to introduce you to outstanding products at savings of over 60% off retail.

All products are final sale.

Each mystery box will include a minimum of the following items below:

Two (2) Pickleball Paddles – (Valued at $119 or more) - The paddles in this mix are all blemished, seconds or demo paddles with good life left on them. All will be very playable. Some may have odd labels or stickers.

Two (2) Pickleball Paddles - (Valued at $119 or Less) - The paddles in this mix are all blemished, seconds or demo paddles with good life left on them. All will be very playable. Some may have odd labels or stickers.

Two (2) Paddle Covers - (1 Standard, 1 XL) - You will receive 2 stylish and functional pickleball paddle covers that will keep your paddles of choice in tip top shape while you travel to the court.

One (1) Game On Sling – (Yellow) - This sling-style paddle bag holds a paddle, layers, and more while easily hooking on to the fence for easy storage while you commute and play.

Two (2) GAMMA Photon Outdoor Balls - These durable and reliable USAPA-approved outdoor pickleballs boast high-visibility, 40-holes for consistent flight, and a 2-part construction for a consistent bounce on outdoor courts.

Two (2) Engage Tour Yellow Balls - These USAPA-approved balls provide a soft feel for impressive performance inside and outside, especially in colder weather. The bright color and 40-hole design further boosts their reliable performance.

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  • Quality Products

    May 25, 2023

    A Mystery Box was purchased for my daughter who is just learning the sport along with a large group of her friends. This is a great way to own a variety of quality rackets and balls. The extra products make the whole purchase complete. She is absolutely thrilled to have everything she needs to hit the courts! Thank you Pickleball Central for offering great, reasonably priced products as we encourage others to this sport we love.

    Mary K

  • Mystery Box

    May 17, 2023

    It felt like Christmas! I knew I’m getting items on the (my) list but didn’t know exactly what I was getting….four paddles but which ones would I get?, I got awesome paddles , paddles cases, balls and bag. The items I received were well worth over $300 dollars. The Engage paddle alone is listed or sells for $219. I am super pleased with my purchase!

    Maria Bribriesco

  • Mystery Box

    May 16, 2023

    I was pretty excited about the paddles I received in my box, however, a couple of them felt "dead" when I played with them. Still a good value, however I'm a little disappointed as I don't think I'll be using them much.

    Laura Page

  • Paddles

    May 16, 2023

    Assortment of paddles better than expected

    William Stevens

  • Mystery Box

    May 16, 2023

    I was pleasantly surprised at the value of this. I was a great purchase!