MTape Athletic Tape - Black

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This 100% cotton black athletic tape provides firm support and compression where applied. Each roll contains 10 yards and is 1.5" wide.

MTape Athletic Tape (black) by Mueller

MTape Athletic Tape (Black) smoothly conforms to the body to build extra support in just minutes. It compresses the muscles for injury prevention, pain reduction and improved circulation. The tape is thin enough for easy tearing but has a durable construction that won't move after application. It has high tack on the skin but won't stick so closely to the roll that you'll be struggling to unwrap it.

MTape Athletic Tape (black) has a colorfast dye that won't bleed and is made with hospital-grade 100% cotton. It's an easy size to carry on the go so you can have it on hand for training sessions. It can be applied evenly or at varied angles with minimal wrinkling or bulk. Stress-free removal after use and it unwinds consistently all the way to the core. Tapes measures 1.5 inches wide x 10 yards long.

MTape Athletic Tape is an excellent training aid that will keep injuries at bay or defend your body during games.

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