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Mini-Target Knockdowns (Set of 2)

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Mini Target Knockdowns

The Mini-Target Knockdowns are wonderful to use whenever you want to practice shot placement. Just set them up and aim for the mark; once they're hit, they'll bounce right back up thanks to their water-weighted bottom. You'll be practicing drills and consistency with ease. These can serve not only as basic targets, but also do well for practicing doubles formations and strategy.

The Mini-Target Knockdowns come in a set of two and stand 36" tall. One target features a boy wielding his racquet, while the other has a girl tossing a ball into the air as she prepares her serve. Technically, they're holding tennis racquets and not paddles, but we think they work for pickleball just as well! The base should be filled with water before filling the top with air, as this serves to keep the inflatables standing tall after being hit. Be careful not to store near sharp objects or over-inflate the top.

The Mini-Target Knockdowns are a great set of targets that will ensure you have precise aim during games.


Set of two inflatable targets. Fill base with water first, then inflate top section. Includes repair kit.
36 inches tall.