I've Got Balls! Belt

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Keep pickleballs within easy reach with this handy belt. Holds approximately five pickleballs and is available in black, pink, green, orange, purple and turquoise.

I've Got Balls! Belt

The I’ve Got Balls Belt is an easy, no-brainer solution to keep all your spare pickleballs close and handy. Never again will you need to break your back bending down to grab a ball out of a container; simply dis-lodge the ball from the belt around your hips! This product is simple to use as well as to clean. It slides over your clothing to reduce the hassle of fumbling with pockets, and is machine washable! One size belt will fit all players – no size chart required.

The I’ve Got Balls Belt holds as many balls as you’ll need for several rounds of play. Players can easily fit up to five pickleballs in the cummerbund-like band. To use the band, you just load the pickleballs into the fitted slots on the belt. Wrap the loaded belt around your waist, with the balls against your back and the clip in the front. Simply buckle the band and tighten or loosen the strap to adjust to your specific size.

The I’ve Got Balls Belt is a great gadget that every pickleball player will appreciate.


I've Got Balls! Belt Technical Specifications
One Size Fits All
Fits 5 Balls
6" x 1" x 1"