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Indoor Pickleball Net (Black)

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If you already have some poles but need a net, here’s a fantastic quality net ready to be used for indoor pickleball play. It has black netting with a white vinyl headband.

Indoor Pickleball Net

The Indoor Pickleball Net is agreat option for individuals looking for a top-quality pickleball net that can be attached to post standards. This net is designed solely for indoor use. This net will not fit any of the several portable pickleball net systems or the Wilson posts. Both the Wilson posts and the portable nets have unique structures that require specific types of nets.

The Indoor Pickleball Net is created from strong black mesh nylon netting. The 2” vinyl white binding headband runs along the top of the net and is made of a highly flexible and tough PVC Tauplin. This feature is equipped with a resilient, quarter-inch polyurethane rope that runs through the lining. Gold metal grommets and extra stitching work together to ensure the net stays in tip-top shape.

This Indoor Pickleball Net measures 21 feet long and 30 inches high with a 2-inch lining at the top of the net. The mesh has 1-inch wide netting.

Indoor Pickleball net - black
Reviewer: James Larsen from Eagle Rock, MO United States
Seems to be of good quality and should last a long time. Quick delivery.

Indoor Pickleball Net (black)
Reviewer: Jean Mulder from Holland, MI United States
Again, my order was processed fast and arrived in a very timely manner.
I have found that while this net is listed as 'indoor', it performs very well Outside also. Having started a new team in Florida three years ago, these are the nets we purchased and after 3 years in the Florida sun, they have held up well. A great buy for the money! Thank You Pickleball Central


Net mesh is made of nylon and is 21' x 2.5' x 1" Top white binding is a PVC Tarpulin Vertical edge bindings are high quality nylon Also includes high quality gold grommets with reinforced stitching weighs approximately 2 pounds 8 ounces
Made in Taiwan

Reviews (4)

  • Indoor net review

    Mar 12, 2015

    We have 4 courts side by side (court nets share posts) and so the length of the rope that attaches to the posts is a bit long and we had to alter them slightly which causes a bit of slack in the top of the net. For regular courts with adequate space between posts these nets would be great.

    Julie van den Born

  • Fine net

    Aug 11, 2012

    The top of the net may crack someday but so far holding up fine. We need longer ropes on the end as our permanent stands on our court are farther out than the pickleball lines. Using this outdoors but put up and take down each time as it is a neighborhood court not ours personally. We have to work on the ropes though and get longer ones. The net is light and rolls some after being rolled up. But works fine for now for us.

    K. S.

  • Black Mesh Pickleball Net

    Jan 31, 2012

    typical usapa approved Pickleball Net

    Mario Popov

  • Pickleball Mesh Net

    Nov 28, 2011

    We put up the net the next day and started playing. Thank you for sending us the info also we had some but yours was more informative.

    Joanne Kibbe