Hyperice Normatec Hip Attachment

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Hip attachment for Normatec control units that offers air compression in common problem areas for warmup and recovery. 

Hyperice Normatec Massaging Hip Attachment

Anyone who has played pickleball has played against players who keep their dinks low and cause you to play all hunched over on every point. Luckily the Hyperice Normatec Hip Attachment is designed to pair with an existing control unit to breathe life back into your upper legs and lower back.

Designed with two overlapping zones, the Normatec Hip Attachment specifically targets your quads, hamstrings, IT bands, glutes, and lower back. Two adjustable buckles lock this hip attachment in place so that it can bring dynamic air compression massage to your sore and injured spots.

The Normatec Hip Attachment from Hyperice pairs with your existing Normatec control unit to bring your hips, upper legs, and lower back air massage.

NOTE: The Normatec control unit is sold separately and required to use the Normatec Hip Attachment.


Hyperice Normatec Hip Attachment Technical Specifications
Compatible with Normatec 3, Normatec 2, and Normatec 2.0 Pro Control Units (Sold Separately)
2 Overlapping Zones
Adjustable Buckles
1-Year Limited Warranty